NCM was founded by a Board President who wanted more for his community than standard property manager services.  In speaking with other Boards, he heard the same issues over and over again: poor service, lack of communication, and inconsistent execution.  As a result, NCM was founded in 2015 with the specific goal of delivering exceptional customer service through competent community management.

Our philosophy rests on four core principles:

  • Execute and Manage to the highest standards:
    • Financial and Accounting
    • Focus on Member Happiness
    • Preventative Facilities Maintenance
    • Strict Vendor Performance Controls
  • Create autonomy for your community, so no matter what happens in the future, your community has control over its own destiny:
    • All electronic workproduct, policies and procedures are given to the Association
    • The HOA is encouraged to own its website
    • The HOA is encouraged to develop its own banking relationships
  • Foster continuity of Board Members:
    • Leverage CAI resources
    • Facilitate Board Member Certification Courses
    • Teach, educate, and guide
    • Relieve burden to avoid burnout and turnover
  • Manage the company prudently through selective client acquisition, and true subject matter expert specialization:
    • We only serve mid to large size HOAs
    • We only partner with long-term Boards that are in it for the long haul
    • We continuously improve and educate our management and staff